Last living person to live in Powhatan Historic State Park cabin dies

Last Living Person to Live in Powhatan Historic State Park Cabin dies

POWHATAN, Ark. (KAIT) - Have you ever visited the Powhatan Historic State Park? If so, you know there is a log cabin that has been preserved there for years.

According to one family, the last living person to live in that cabin died Thursday. Nola Staggs was 92.

“All the people there were friendly and close-knit and a lot of people were kin to each other," Staggs' daughter, Julie Peacock, said.

According to an information plaque, the log cabin and kitchen that is a part of the Powhatan Historic State Park is what many of the homes looked like in the early days of Powhatan.

But, the preserved home there in Powhatan was the home of Nola Staggs. Her mother, Josie Bulla, is even pictured inside the home on the plaque.

Peacock reminisced Friday on the stories she would hear about growing up in that log cabin.

“She would get in trouble for trying to hang on to the ferry to go across the river. Her dad was a commercial fisherman. She got in trouble one time for dropping a cat off the bridge into the water when she was a kid. I don’t know, just stories like that," Peacock said of her mother.

Julie says her mom was proud of how Arkansas preserved the cabin.

Adding that even when she moved, she was always proud of her heritage.

It is one that Julie says will live on forever and something many should see for themselves.

“It’s easy to tell somebody, but not being there and seeing it, makes a difference," Peacock said.

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