Arkansas requests dismissal on lawsuit against Secretary of Health

The state is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against the Secretary of Health, Dr. Jose Romero over COVID-19 restrictions

Arkansas requests dismissal on lawsuit against Secretary of Health

LITTLE ROCK Ark. (KAIT) - The state of Arkansas is asking that a lawsuit filed involving state COVID-19 directives be dismissed.

As you may recall, Representative Dan Sullivan of Jonesboro and other lawmakers initiated a lawsuit at the beginning of September.

The lawsuit claims that Romero was issuing directives without oversight from the Arkansas legislature.

Now, the state has requested for dismissal on the suit.

According to Sullivan, the dismissal is based on the technicalities of the proposal.

“Elected representatives should have an opportunity to represent the people, as they were elected to do. The dismissal doesn’t address that. It just says that it’s technically wrong in our proposal,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan also said in the interview that the attorney for the Arkansas Department of Health told him that Dr. Romero has no checks and balances on his power.

We have not yet to confirm this statement.

Governor Hutchinson has addressed the issue earlier this month.

He says that lawmakers do have the power to undo the directives but this means that will end telemedicine, liability immunity for businesses, and remote learning in schools and colleges.

The group of 18 legislators plan to address the technicalities and request a hearing date.

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