MacArthur Junior High School leaves the classroom, begins remote learning only

MacArthur Junior High School leaves the classroom, begins remote learning only

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A Jonesboro school’s hallways were empty in the latter half of this week as they made a schoolwide switch to remote learning only.

Only teachers filled the classrooms starting Wednesday. All students were at home.

Jonesboro Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kim Wilbanks said the positive cases both in and out of the school resulted in the change.

One-hundred fifty students were quarantined from not only exposure to the nine cases in the school, but also those in the public.

“As we’ve had a rise in our community, it’s not unexpected that we also see that reflected in our schools,” she said.

Region 8 News received multiple tips from people in the area. They said the spread happened from a bus of kids coming back from a game.

“The nine students, some are male, some are female. Some are in the seventh, some are in the eighth, some are in the ninth. They didn’t necessarily, not all nine of them were in the same class. All nine of them don’t play football,” she said. “There’s really not a correlation that we can find and of course, we wish we could. If we could find that correlation, that would help us to ensure that the numbers wouldn’t grow and that didn’t grow again.”

The school has learned from this taking place, according to Wilbanks.

They plan to increase the ability to spread out more and continue what they already have in place. Implementing seating charts, documentation, and checking the cameras when they do have a positive case.

She said this is to ensure the student didn’t expose any other children around them in their assigned seating charts.

“I’d like to tell you we knew everything to start but as you work through scenarios, you just get wiser about how to have a better scenario for our students. We’ll keep trying our best to do the very best we can,” she said.

The school planned to meet with the Department of Health Friday afternoon to see if anything needs to be looked at within the school.

The remote learning will be active until Oct. 5.

Wilbanks said the school cleans and sanitizes every day once the students leave, but the school will get a good cleaning before they return to class.

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