Remembering Bill Keedy

Keedy passed away on September 26, five years ago

Remembering Bill Keedy

NEWPORT, Ark. (KAIT) - Legends don’t die, their legacy lives on forever. The name Bill Keedy is one many are familiar with and Saturday will mark five years since Bill Keedy passed away.

His son, Billy Keedy, says his dad was a special person to many in not only the Newport community but surrounding areas.

“He lived a very fun and happy life. He was always in a pretty good mood except for Batesville Week each year," Billy Keedy said.

That big rival game between the “Orange and Black” or “Black and Orange” depending on what side you represent was a serious game for Bill Keedy, the longest-tenured coach for the Greyhounds.

But, his son says other than that, he would have a smile on his face and he was a good time to be around.

“He loved being around people didn’t care if you were a white person or a black person, rich or poor, he treated everybody the same and that’s how he taught us. I’m trying to teach my kids the same. I think our country is missing a lot of that right now, but he was just a special guy to a lot of people," Billy said.

Billy says his life was a celebration.

Saturday, September 26 will mark five years since his father died and while the day is a tough one for his family, Billy Keedy says it is also a special one.

But he did share, there was no one like him, a one of a kind type of guy who even had his own language.

“People around here understood his language even though it was words that didn’t exist in the English dictionary. He talked about “jicky-jack” and all kinds of stuff. There was really no meaning to it because he could use those words in so many different ways. I don’t know how to explain it. He was just an interesting and fun guy," Billy said.

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