VA Clinic offers flu shots for veterans

Several VA clinics in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri held flu shot clinics

Flu shots offered at VA Clinics

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - The VA Clinic in Paragould held a drive-thru flu shot clinic all day Friday.

Veterans were offered to either sit in their car or walk up to the outside station that nurses had set up to receive their vaccine.

The clinic coordinated this in efforts to protect veterans as well as save on the use of PPE supplies.

According to Ashley Lepold, the VA Chief of Environment, Care, and Safety, the VA is emphasizing on veterans receiving their flu shots this year as the flu season begins amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re really wanting to take prevention to that next step, and if we can prevent them from getting influenza and keep their immune system up, hopefully that would also protect them being so susceptible to Coronavirus,” said Lepold.

Flu shots are still being offered at the VA Hospital in Poplar Bluff until October 9.

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