Wynne adding multipurpose building, pavilion to sports complex

Updates In Progress At Wynne Sports Complex

WYNNE, Ark. (KAIT) - The city of Wynne is working on some new parks and recreation projects at their sports complex.

New playground equipment, a pavilion with concession and bathrooms near the soccer fields, and a multipurpose building are all in the works.

Mayor Jennifer Hobbs said they’ve been working toward starting construction on the multi-purpose building and pavilion since last year.

The projects were approved by the city council earlier this year just before the pandemic hit.

They were put on pause, but the summer sales tax numbers were successful enough to continue with the projects.

Mayor Hobbs says improving on the sports complex not only helps with tournaments and visitors, it gives back to the locals as well.

“It’s all about quality of life, we want activities going on for our local citizens. We have really good participation in our softball league and our baseball league, our soccer league. We just want to expand that,” said Hobbs.

The bids for the multipurpose building opened last week.

Mayor Hobbs says they hope to sign contracts sometime next week and start construction next month.

The city hopes to have everything up and running by next spring.

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