Impending storm and COVID awareness threatens softball tournament

Impending storm and COVID awareness threatens softball tournament

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Dozens of teams will be competing in a tournament this weekend at the Southside Softball Complex.

However, pending weather and the constant concern over COVID, has many on their toes.

Park and Recreation Assistant Director Brad Pietz says they have already had a few teams drop out of the tournament over the last few days.

That’s all because of an impending storm coming our way.

However, he says the fields are in fantastic shape so it can take a little bit of rain and be okay.

While it’s a lot of moving parts in making tournaments happen, safety comes first.

“We love our parks and we want to do everything to provide a safe environment. Folks that come to our town and folks that come to our parks; we want them to feel safe,” Pietz said. “That goes back to the fields being in great shape, us taking care of them, following whatever guidelines we need to do as far as the department of health for COVID and the field themselves when it comes to weather.”

He also says they are still following the Department of Health’s guidelines for outdoor events and as changes come, they will let coaches and teams know.

They won’t make any calls until 6 a.m. Saturday, but for now, the tournament will go on.

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