Inside Look: How one school district is keeping students safe in pandemic

Inside look at how Newport Special School District is keeping your students safe

NEWPORT, Ark. (KAIT) - The Newport Special School District’s 6th-grade building has fallen victim to COVID-19.

All 6th-grade students went virtual on Oct. 1 and the majority will not be able to return until Oct. 12, due to precautions and deep cleaning.

Deborah Hubbard, the custodian supervisor for the district, gave Region 8 News a first-hand look at how the cleaning process works.

Her shift starts at 3:30 p.m. and runs until midnight every day.

She sprays desks, chairs, and common areas. She also uses a disinfectant mist.

Hubbard says she cleans the building as if her own children were going to be there."What if he came in here or my nephew? It has to be as clean as I can possibly get it."

She’s cleaning the rooms for 87 students, along with their teachers and staff.

She says she is doing her best to leave the rooms clean, fresh, and ready for students to return.

“I feel good when I leave because I know I done a good job and everything’s good. As good as I can do. Everything is clean and safe for them,” Hubbard said. “I am just hoping that each day, I can get them here a day early because we miss them you know.”

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