Election Day in Arkansas: What you need to know for the 2020 General Election

Election Day in Arkansas: What you need to know for the 2020 General Election
Election officials in both states ask people to contact their county clerk’s office, or go to the Secretary of State’s election website for either Arkansas or Missouri for information on candidates, voting hours and where to vote. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Voters will head to the polls Nov. 3 to decide federal, state, judicial, county and city races throughout Northeast Arkansas, as well as statewide races in Missouri.

ARKANSAS SAMPLE BALLOTS - To view a sample ballot for your precinct, click/tap this link:

https://www.voterview.ar-nova.org/voterview », enter your voter registration information, then on the resulting page with your information, scroll down to see a sample ballot link for your precinct.

Election officials in both states ask people to contact their county clerk’s office, go to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s election website, or go to the Missouri Secretary of State’s election website, for information on candidates, voting hours and where to vote.

Early voting starts Oct. 19 in Arkansas and goes through Nov. 2.


Voters in Jonesboro and Paragould will select new mayors in their cities.

In Jonesboro, former state Rep. Harold Copenhaver, Andy Shatley, and Thomas Elwood filed earlier this year to run for mayor. The winner will replace outgoing Mayor Harold Perrin, who did not seek another term in office due to health concerns.

In Paragould, Farrell Gibson, Josh Agee and Jesse Fry also filed earlier this year to run for mayor.

The winner will replace outgoing Mayor Mike Gaskill, who is retiring after over two decades in office.

The candidates in the Jonesboro and Paragould mayor’s races also participated this year in debates, sponsored by Region 8 News and the Arkansas State University School of Media and Journalism.


Region 8 voters will decide three federal races on the ballot this year.

The presidential race has several candidates on the ballot in Arkansas. They include Republican incumbent President Donald Trump, Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden, Constitution party candidate Don Blankenship, Socialism and Liberation candidate Gloria La Riva, American Solidarity candidate Brian Carroll, Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, Life and Liberty candidate John Richard Myers, Green candidate Howie Hawkins and independents Brock Pierce, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Kanye West and C.L. Gammon.

The race for U.S. Senate features two candidates this year.

Republican incumbent Sen. Tom Cotton is seeking a second term and will face Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington Jr.

In the 2nd District, which covers White County, Republican incumbent Rep. French Hill is running for another term and will face Democratic State Sen. Joyce Elliott.


In the Missouri Bootheel, voters there will decide the 8th Congressional District this year between Republican incumbent Rep. Jason Smith, Democratic nominee Kathy Ellis and Libertarian Tom Schmitz.


There are several statewide races on the ballot this year in Missouri.

They include the race for Governor, which include Republican incumbent Gov. Mike Parson, Democratic state Auditor Nicole Galloway, Green party candidate Jerome H. Bauer and Libertarian Rik Combs; Lieutenant Governor, with Republican incumbent Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, Democratic candidate Alissia Canady, Green party candidate Kelley Dragoo and Libertarian Bill Slantz.

Other races include:

Attorney General

Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R)

Richard Finneran (D)

Kevin Babcock (L)

Secretary of State

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R)

Yinka Faleti (D)

Paul Venable (Constitution)

Paul Lehrman (Green)

Carl Herman Freese (Libertarian)


Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick (R)

Vicki Englund (D)

Joseph Civettini (Green)

Nick Kasoff (Libertarian)


There are three constitutional amendments on the Nov. 3 ballot.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, Issue 1 is an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution continuing a one-half percent sales and use tax for state highways and bridges; county roads, bridges and other surface transportation after the retirement of the bonds authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91.

Issue 2 is a constitutional amendment to amend the term limits applicable to members of the Arkansas General Assembly, while Issue 3 is a constitutional amendment that would amend the process for the submission, challenge and approval of proposed initiated acts, constitutional amendments and referenda.

Issue 6, which was an act to amend the definition of the practice of optometry in the state of Arkansas, was struck from the ballot Sept. 17 by the Arkansas Supreme Court.



District 53 - Shawn Only (D), Jon Milligan (R) [Interviews » ]

District 55 - Incumbent Monte Hodges (D), Gary Tobar (R)

District 58 - Incumbent Brandt Smith (R), Jim Burton (D) [Interviews » ]

District 59 - Incumbent Jack Ladyman (R), Reginald Prunty (D) [Interviews » ]


Based on a list on the Arkansas Secretary of State’s website, the following are contested county races for the Nov. 3 general election.


Constable, District 1 - Douglas E. Stephens (R), James M. Higgins (I)


Constable, West Oak Bluff - Terry Robertson (R), Farren Young (D)

Constable, North Kilgore & Cleveland - Vernie Carpenter (D), Michael Ray Gleghorn (I)


JP Dist. 3 - Phil Hendrix (R), Carolyn S. Lewis (D)

JP Dist. 5 - Donald Mullenix (R), Barbara weinstock (I)

JP Dist. 8 - David Tennison (R), Patti G. Lack (I)


JP Dist. 1 - Amy Imboden (R), Douglas Kennon (I)

JP Dist. 8 - Jerry Rushing (R), Jerry Brewster (I)


JP Dist. 2 - Roger Kinder (R), Lynn Guffey (I)

JP Dist. 3 - Joanna Defoe (R), Burton Yarnell (D)

JP Dist. 4 - Gary Phillips (R), Seth Martin (D)

JP Dist. 5 - Robert Elliott (R), Johnny Moody (D)

JP Dist. 7 - Ray Matthew (R), G. Shad Overman (D)

JP Dist. 8 - Jack Haney (D), Jackie Privett (I)

JP Dist. 9 - Carrie Andrews (R), Mark L. Cooper (I)


JP Dist. 5 - Michele Boling (R), Barry Wayne Wilkins (D)

JP Dist. 11 - Ronnie W. Wood (R), Jerry Shipman (D)

Special Election on Jail Sales Tax - For or Against

Constable, Bula Township - Kevin E. Gillmore (R), Dan Langston (D)

Constable, Dalton Township - David A. Howell (R), James Shipman (D)


JP Dist. 5 - Jimmy Limbaugh (R), Bill Lindsey (D)


JP Dist. 8 - Wayne Boren (D), Glendon Everett (I)

Constable, New Hope - Brett Stevenson (R), Eric Brantner (I)

Constable, Gid - Donnie Tate (I), George Whitfield (I)


Constable, Campbell Township - Kenneth Cole (R), Kenneth Fears (D)


JP Dist. 11 - Howard Norvell (R), Dr. Reggie Cullom (D)

Constable, Chickasawba - Alex Freeman (R), Randy Moody (D)

Constable, Fletcher - Paul Watkins (I), Jasper Jackson (D)

Constable, Carson Lake - Herman W. Turner (R), Sumner Cullom (D)

Constable, Scott - Jason D. Bennett (R), Dennis E. Tucker Sr. (D)


JP Dist. 8 - Jeff Jones (R), Louis Jones Sr. (I)

JP Dist. 11 - Linda Hinton (I), “Tom Boy” Rhoads (I)


Constable, Shiloh - Coby Poe (R), Allen E. Smith (I)


JP Dist. 2 - Briana Dilorio (R), Garry Lawrence (D)

JP Dist. 3 - Joey Barnes (R), John C. Norberg (D), Mary L. Wanley (I)

JP Dist. 7 - Buell Wilkes (D), Bart Schulz (I)

Constable, District 6 - Luke Vander Vort (R), Israel Hester (D), Lauren Siebert (I)

St. Francis

JP Dist. 4 - David Coleman (R), Luther Lieblong (D)

JP Dist. 7 - Nathaniel Murray (D), Regan C. Hill (I)

JP Dist. 8 - Robert Glenn Shepherd (R), Reda Kimble (D)


JP Dist. 2 - Chip Doss (R), Travis Trammell (D), Howard D. Stewart (I)

JP Dist. 3 - Darlene (Lawrence) Garman (I), Laura O’Quin (I)

JP Dist. 6 - Seth Templin (R), Robert Earl “Bob” Turner (D)

JP Dist. 7 - Michael Wade Vickers (R), Jim Ed Cash (D)

JP Dist. 8 - Frances A. (Frannie) Blackmon (R), Eddie Cowell (I)

Constable, District 3 - Tom Falci (R), Jeff D. McClung (D)

Constable, District 4 - Pat Walsh (R), Randall Bonds (I)


JP Dist. 8 - Debra Akers Lang (R), Sunny Cypert Boehm (D), Layne “Boss” Vaughn (I)

JP Dist. 10 - Bobby G. Quattlebaum (R), Mary Jane Parks (D)

JP Dist. 12 - Joel Pritchett (R), Lana Duncan Clark (D)


JP Dist. 9 - Robert Lee Gibbs (D), Wesley Carter (I)

Ordinance 2020-5 to establish fee and EMS District - For or Against


Based on a list from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office website, the following are contested municipal races for the Nov. 3 general election.

City Council Races


Mountain Home

Ward 4, Pos. 2 - Rex “Lynn” Anderson, Nick Reed


Heber Springs

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Paul Muse, Nick Adams

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Paula Sporn, Melissa Choate

Ward 4, Pos. 2 - Sheldon Woodson, Rebecca Jane Prince


Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Season Ballard, Stan Reynolds


Jonesboro Mayor - Andy Shatley, Thomas Elwood, Harold Copenhaver.

Jonesboro City Clerk - April Leggett, Stan Mitchell, Linda Allison

Jonesboro City Council

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Emma Agnew, Brandon Hogan, Brian Emison, Teresa Beck

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Linda Denny, Chris Gibson

Ward 5, Pos. 2 - Joe Hafner, Phillip Glover

Ward 6, Pos. 2 - Larry Hagar, David McClain

Lake City City Council

Ward 3, Pos. 1 - Katherine Wells, Harold Barker



Ward 1-1 - Terri Watson, Paige McFee

Ward 2-2 - Larry Zane Boyd, Sandress D. Stewart-McVay


Ward 2-2 - Demetris Johnson Jr., Charlie Young, Ann Pickering Philyaw

Horseshoe Lake

Pos. 1 - Trina Scarbrough, Shawn Siders

Pos. 3 - Terry Tarr, Autumn Daugherty

Pos. 5 - Gregory Scott Davenport, Kenneth McDermott


Jasper 1-1 - Kelly O’Neal, Kelsey Pirani Hensley

West Memphis

City Clerk - James Pulliaum, Jeannetta Gilliam

Ward 1-2 - Tracy Catt, Joseph Tucker

Ward 2-2 - Melanie Hutchinson, Renaldo Felton

Ward 4-2 - Arburt Robinson, David V. Murray

Ward 5-2 - Willis Mondy, Al Felton



Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Sherry Wooten, Santia' D. Robinson

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Tommie Wells, Delores Atkins


Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Lisa Powell Carter, Tresha Cotton Light

Cherry Valley 1% sales and use tax - For or Against

Parkin sales/use tax - For or Against


Mammoth Spring

Recorder/Treasurer - M. June Grant, Wilma Rogers


Oak Grove Heights

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Marilyn Fuller, John Stone


Mayor - Farrell Gibson, Jesse Fry, Josh Agee

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Susan Kueter Williams, Shaelynn Nunn

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Ronnie Spence, Jeremy A. Biggs

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Cody E. Wilkins, Aaron Camp

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Jackie Branch, Lindsey Boggs

Ward 4, Pos. 1 - Neal Adams, John Williams

Ward 4, Pos. 2 - Brad Baine, Bryce Anderson


City of Beedeville

Pos. 1 - Thomas McElyea, Danny Breckenridge

Pos. 2 - Danny Reynolds, Shayna Schorg

Pos. 3 - Jimmy Little, Wyant Beede, Tonya Stevens

Pos. 4 - Jenina Schorg, Patrick Alexander

Pos. 5 - Jasper Beede, Robert Dean Adams

City of Newport

Ward 4, Pos. 1 - Neal Pankey (I), Donny Ivie (R)

City of Swifton

Pos. 2 - Joey Seibert (R), Jerod Holland (I)

City of Tuckerman

Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Benny Malone (R), Keith Riley (D)

Ward 3, Pos. 1 - Kyler Soden (R), Kaye Bagsby Person (D)



Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Darrell Pickney, Isaac Anglin

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Kerrie Hancock, Joyce Roberts



Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Mike Smith, Tracy Lea Jackson


Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Ethel Hetler, Mitchell Lasater


Ward 2, Pos. 1 - James Johnson, Billie Fernandez, Emma Jackson

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Aaron Lamont Smith, Finda Robertson


Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Nerqvaydrian Cunningham, Linda Watson

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Sally Ann Parks, Sandra K. Brand, Karen S. Russ

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Tyler Dunegan, Brian Anthony Holthouse



Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Derek (Woody) Kirk, Franklin Lee Hendrix

Ward 4, Pos. 1 - Greg Delancey, Christy Maddox


Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Hollie Stevens, Jason Hogan

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Shane Fore, Dwight England

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Donnie England, Stephanie Renee Frey

Ward 3, Pos. 1 - Peggy C. Greenwell, Matthew Miller

Ward 4, Pos. 1 - Jerry R. Bradley, Billy Wayne Poe

Ward 4, Pos. 2 - Stephen Hammell, Linda Smith

Ward 5, Pos. 1 - Tammie Slinkard, Jay Paul Woods, Cecilia Parker

Ward 5, Pos. 2 - Stephanie Vincent, Jason Stewart


Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Landon M. Russell, Farrell Jones



Pos. 1 - Blake Davis, Mary L. Watson

Pos. 4 - Roxann Bazzell, Sammy Glisson

Ravenden Springs

Pos. 2 - Betty Diana Montgomery, Hunter Roberts


Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Wayne Debord, Lil Rick Hudson


Cherokee Village

Ward 4, Pos. 1 - Bill Matselboba, Rob Smith


Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Laura J. Smith, Penny L. Mendes Allen

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Bruce Thurow, Jeff Munroe


Ward 3, Pos. 1 - Johnny Ivey, Steven Rose


Mountain View

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Janet G. Nesbitt, Finis Brewer

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Wayne R. “Ricky” Shuttleworth, Rianna Kendrick

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Truman Bullard, John Burrow


Bald Knob

Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Tammy Glaze, Billy Feagin

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Ella White, Tammy Pitcher McConnell, David Lowrey, Cody C. Allgood

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Alvin Hearyman, Mary Lou Smith, Roger Pearrow


Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Lee McLane, Danny Mahoney

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Linda Anthony, David Pruitt

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Shannon Woods, Dale Bass, Wes McAfee


Clerk/Recorder/Treasurer - Kayla Lock, Janet Street Richards


Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Kenneth Wayne Cooperwood, Dennis J. Teague


Clerk/Recorder/Treasurer - Deborah L. McDaniel, Mary Lynn Claiborne


Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Bill Nusbaum, David M. Wilson

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Bill Haile Sr., Benjamin Langley

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Tim Temple, Danny Grayum


Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Logan Cothern, Kenneth Olree

Ward 1, Pos. 2 - David Morris, Karen Marshall

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Davis Threlkeld, Chris Howell

Ward 3, Pos. 1 - Tommy Centola, Tonia Hale



Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Thomas E. Sailor, Randy Spears

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Justin Trey Taylor, Chris Eldridge

Cotton Plant

Ward 1, Pos. 1 - Ronnie C. Conley, Jesse Jones


Ward 1, Pos. 2 - Bettye Jean McClendon, Johnny Travis Taylor

Ward 2, Pos. 1 - Amanda Austin, Kristie Boswell-Breckenridge

Ward 2, Pos. 2 - Thomas Kendrick, G. Lou Dallas

Ward 3, Pos. 2 - Shawn Peebles, Tim Carter

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