Fire department gets new lifesaving equipment

Fire department gets new lifesaving equipment

MARMADUKE, Ark. (KAIT) - An area fire department is getting extra equipment on its rescue truck to ensure they can save as many lives as possible.

In Marmaduke’s city limits and the surrounding area, there are 48 grain bins. With the number of grain bins, farmers then approached city council members about grain bin rescue equipment.

“In the past, we’ve had some folks die in the area in these same situations,” Marmaduke Fire Department assistant chief Matthew Pruett explained.

The city then brought this issue to the attention of the fire department and then purchased the best model for their area.

The system costs $4,000 and is installed on the Special Operations Rescue Truck.

The grain bin rescue equipment or ‘Great Wall of Rescue’ goes around a person, allowing first responders to pull them out to safety.

Pruett said the department has an auger to extract the grain from inside the walls.

Special Operations Team Lead member Marcus Vowell said this addition was needed to the department.

“These low frequency, high-intensity situations, we want to get to the victim as early as we can to increase the survivability of the incident,” he said.

They plan to train monthly on the new equipment and only well-trained personnel will use it.

“We’re going to be requiring anybody that’s going to be in the hot zone per se on these incidents to be certified in the rescue track of the Arkansas Fire Academy,” he said.

The department will also receive another big addition to help them in emergencies, a new Amkus Rescue System worth around $50,000. Pruett said they received this addition through a grant.

A battery cutter, spreader, ram, and combo tool will help them work faster on the scene.

“You work instantaneously when you get there,” he said. “There isn’t any setting up hoses and starting pumps, you basically push an ‘on’ button and you’re working.”

The department has one hydraulic and one battery Amkus system already. This grant will allow them to have a second Amkus set.

The battery sets will now be their primary source of rescue tools.

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