Sen. Cotton says he would like to see COVID-19 relief bill

Sen. Cotton says he would like to see COVID-19 relief bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KAIT) - In an interview with Gray TV’s Peter Zampa, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said he would like to see another COVID-19 relief package for the American people.

“I’ve advocated for months now that we need another relief package for everyone who’s still harmed by this virus,” Cotton said.

He said in March when the CARES Act was passed, it was a broad-based bill that helped almost every American, but said this package should be a much more targeted approach to help people struggling due to the virus.

Cotton wants to see people who work at bars and restaurants or people who work in concession stands at movies or sporting venues get more help.

He wants to see some additional unemployment assistance for people who work in those fields. He also wants to see more help for businesses to keep their workers employed, and then help for the economy.

He also wants to see more help go to schools to make sure they can stay open, especially in the wintertime.

Then, he wants to see investment in the manufacture and distribution of an effective vaccine.

“So that’s kind of what I’m looking to do in a relief package is to make sure that the legislation actually addresses the problem at hand," Cotton said.

When asked if a package could be on the President’s desk by Election Day, Cotton said he does not think that could happen.

“You know, even if we struck a deal later this week or over the weekend, No, by the time it’s reduced to writing, as incentives can be somewhat complex, and the devil is sometime in the details, and the House get back to vote on it, I’m not sure a bill would pass in time to be on the President’s desk before the election,” Cotton said.

Cotton said he will continue to work as long as it takes to get more relief into the hands of those who need it.

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