Lisa Prescott’s family reacts to ending their two-year search

Updated: Oct. 23, 2020 at 7:26 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A family’s worry turned to grief after search crews found the remains of their loved one, Lisa Prescott.

She disappeared in 2018 and two years later, crews found her body not far from her home.

Prescott’s family takes it one step at a time. They focus on the good memories they have.

“Family was always just so important. She was always the aunt they always wanted to be so excited because she comes to visit,” Prescott’s niece, Lisa Crader, said.

“She never met a stranger. She would just strike up a conversation,” Kathy Elliott, Prescott’s older sister said.

The family kept in close contact with her. When she didn’t answer the phone, they decided to go to her home.

That’s where they found the door unlocked, her purse, keys, and phone at home.

Prescott was nowhere to be found.

“It was a behavior that was not normal for her. Nobody could understand we’re all here, where did she go?'” Elliott asked.

Panic set in and they contacted the Jonesboro Police Department on Sept. 1, 2018. The family immediately began searching for her.

JPD wasn’t able to create a missing person’s report due to the circumstances.

“The way that the laws are now with missing people now, since she was an adult, she’s free to leave her house and not tell anybody,” Crader said.

It wasn’t until Sept. 18, 2018 when there was an organized search with multiple agencies.

EquuSearch was called in. The family mentioned how critical time was then.

“I mean, I wish it would’ve worked to where they could have come earlier, but what can you do now, you can’t change anything,” Elliott said.

JPD searched multiple times for Prescott and the family commended their work, specifically, the work of Lt. Kenny Oldham.

“What can they do if they have nothing to go by? They searched the area multiple times,” Elliott said.

Those unanswered questions started adding up. It was tough for both Prescott’s family and police to answer.

Lisa’s body was found Oct. 10, 2020, only 1,300 feet from her home. Her family will finally be able to lay her to rest.

The family says they know they are so many questions left, with a lot of speculation floating around on this case.

They appreciate everyone’s prayers over these past two years.

“While we appreciate that and still need that, we ask that people give our family time to grief and time to process. There’re some negative things out there. That stuff needs to stop. It’s not what she would want and it’s not helping us.”

Jonesboro police said they’re waiting on the official cause of death if one can be determined from the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

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