House, property overrun with cats

Family asks for help

House, property overrun with cats
The attempt of an elderly couple in Pope County to take care of animals led to nearly 30 cats being on their property. (Source: KARK-TV)

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (KAIT/KARK) - The actions of an elderly couple to help several stray cats multiplied as the couple’s family are looking for homes for the animals.

According to a report from content provider KARK, the house on Shiloh Pines Lane in the Crow Mountain area near Russellville was quickly overrun with 31 cats at the home.

The couple’s granddaughter, Chasity Shipley, said the original plan was to put out a few food bowls each day to help feed the animals.

“When you come out in the garage in the morning time, or something, you just see the entire garage floor just move,” Shipley told KARK.

Shipley said her grandparents are spending hundreds of dollars each month on cat food, plus are picking up 40-pound food bags to provide food for the animals.

She told KARK that they have received no help from the city, because the house is just outside city limits, while shelters in a 200-mile radius are either full or could not accept cats.

Anyone wishing to help can visit here.

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