Activists rally against Issues 2 & 3 by setting up large Trojan Horse in Jonesboro

Two activists rally against Issues 2 & 3 by setting up large trojan horse in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - On Saturday, two activists set up their large wooden Trojan Horse by the Craighead County Courthouse to inform people about their views on Issues 2 and 3.

According to the Arkansas Ballot Issues: 2020 Voter Guide, a vote for Issue 2 means that the voter favors changing the Arkansas Constitution and setting a 12-year consecutive term limit for legislators.

It will remove lifetime term limits for state legislators.

This would prohibit future legislators from serving more than 12 years in a row.

Legislators who serve the full 12 years consecutively would be allowed to hold office again once four years have passed since their last term expired.

A vote against Issue 2 means that voters want to maintain the current term limit of 16 years.

David Lindsay, a representative for U.S. Term Limits Group, says that he believes that Issue 2 is misleading to voters.

“Right now, they’re in there for 16. The Senate is in there for 22 years. If this passes, they’ll be able to do 10 years on, take two years off. Or they can do 12 and take off four. So, They can do 10 years, take off two, and come back for 12, and that’s 22 years for even the lower house,” said Lindsay.

People in favor of Issue 2 argue that the amendment gives someone time to become experienced and become effective while still accomplishing the goal of keeping term limits short enough to have diversity.


A vote for Issue 3 means that the voter favors changing the date when voter signatures are due for statewide ballot measures proposed by the public.

Instead of four months ahead of the general election, the due date would be set as January 15 of the election year.

It would also increase the number of counties where voter signatures must be collected for statewide ballot measures and referendums proposed by the public.

This would increase from 15 counties to 45 counties.

Founder of the “Protect our Voices” group, David McAvoy, says that he believes that Issue 3 is designed to be in favor of politicians, not the people.

“Issue 3 is better called the petition killer. It’s designed to make it almost impossible for Arkansans to petition to get the issues they care about on the ballot,” said McAvoy.

Those in favor of Issue 3 say that it would build a layer of protection around the constitution, and the constitution should not be easily changed by outside influence.

To view the full Arkansas Ballot Issues 2020 Voting Guide and more information on Issues 2 and 3, click here.

Election Day is Nov. 3.

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