Trumann sees close City Council races

Trumann sees close City Council races

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - There were a couple of close Trumann City Council races on Tuesday.

In Ward 3, Pos. 1, Matthew Miller led Peggy C. Greenwell by just 4 votes. It was 141-137.

In Ward 4, Pos. 1 Jerry R. Bradley led Billy Wayne Poe by just 5 votes. The totals were 122-117.

Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen says they’re still waiting on official election results before deciding if they will have a runoff.

Poinsett County Clerk Teresa Rouse says that nothing is set yet because official results must be certified.

There will more than likely be a runoff for Ward 5, Pos. 1 between Jay Paul Woods and Tammie Slinkard because the race had more than two candidates.

Rouse says that a race must have more than two candidates to have a runoff.

The only way they will do a recount is if a candidate requests it.

Lewallen says that close races in Trumann are common, and that’s why every vote counts.

“They do matter, especially on the local level. We should be interested because voting really is a privilege, and thank goodness, we all have a say in that process,” said Lewallen.

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