Armorel Superintendent recalls battle with COVID-19

Armorel School District Superintendent Tiffany Morgan returned to work Monday after her battle with COVID-19.

Armorel superintendent explains her COVID-19 battle

ARMOREL, Ark. (KAIT) - Armorel Superintendent Tiffany Morgan says she has always been vigilant with following the CDC guidelines, so when she started developing COVID-19 symptoms, she thought she was imagining it.

“At first I thought… this is in my head. No, I’m not really losing my taste,” Superintendent Morgan said.

Out of precaution for her students and staff, Morgan took a COVID-19 test and tested positive.

Although Morgan was experiencing mild symptoms, she was riddled with anxiety, thinking that she may have put a vulnerable person at risk.

“On top of just the worry of having COVID yourself is the fear of the people you might have let your guard down around,” she said.

Morgan emphasizes how important it is that people follow CDC guidelines, for it is not just to protect themselves but also to protect others.

“I’ve always worn my mask in public, but I never really thought that I was wearing it for me,” Morgan said. “I always felt like it was the right thing to do to be respectful to the people around me and being mindful of people like my mother, who I really want people to safeguard as well.”

Morgan says that over 50% of the teachers in Armorel High School have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been placed in quarantine due to close contact, which caused the high school to transition to virtual learning.

You can view COVID-19 numbers in your school district here

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