Health officials recommend limiting gatherings on Thanksgiving

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement is warning people to take extra precaution during Thanksgiving

ACHI recommendations on Thanksgiving

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Dr. Joe Thompson, CEO and President of Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, says you can “minimize the risk and optimize the thanks” by following these guidelines for a safe, COVID-free Thanksgiving.

ACHI is recommending that families limit their Thanksgiving gatherings to household members only.

If there is a need to combine households, communicate with other guests about limiting unnecessary exposure and take a PCR test.

Dr. Thompson says that ordering catering from restaurants is safe because the virus is airborne, but he recommends that there should be no sharing of utensils.

John Williams, owner of Sue’s Kitchen Express in Jonesboro, says that he anticipates a high volume of catering orders the day before Thanksgiving.

He plans to limit outside exposure by doing contactless curbside delivery for catering.

“We’ll deliver to their cars for them and all their food out there, so we’re having as little interaction with them as we can,” said Williams.

Williams says Sue’s Kitchen may not be open on Thanksgiving, but his concern is that his employees could be exposed to the virus by letting their guard around family members.

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