Trumann School District pivots to blended learning due to quarantine numbers

Trumann School District pivots to blended learning due to quarantine numbers

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - Trumann School District joins a list of Northeast Arkansas schools that have had to switch to virtual learning this year due to the pandemic.

Trumann Schools started blended learning Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Superintendent Brandie Williams said the switch isn’t because of positive cases within the district, but because of the number of students and faculty quarantined for close contact with a positive case.

As of Thursday, at least 100 students and several faculty members throughout the district were quarantined for exposure.

Only a handful of students and staff had tested positive for COVID-19.

Williams said most of these cases came from outside sources and were not related to the district.

Since Trumann School District is considered a moderate level, they were able to switch to blended learning instead of going fully virtual.

This allows some students to still come in and get help they may need while keeping everyone safe.

Williams said transitioning to a virtual setting has been very smooth overall because the district already puts a big emphasis on involving technology in the classroom.

“The whole point is not to let the technology teach the student, but to use technology to support students and to facilitate learning that really meets the needs of learners today," said Williams. "So we really incorporate that into our classrooms and we have been doing that for a few years.”

The district provides hot spots and equipment for those students who need it.

They are also able to continue practices for extracurricular activities while doing blended learning.

The district will continue blended learning until Friday, Nov. 20.

The following week is Thanksgiving break for the district.

Williams said they hope to move back to on-site learning Monday, Nov. 30, but will meet again closer to time to decide if it’s appropriate to do so.

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