Beavers causing havoc, again

Beavers causing havoc, again

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Earlier this year, Region 8 News reported on beaver issues in the city limits of Jonesboro. The critters build their homes and cause damage.

Ten months later, the issue remains on Gamblin Drive in Jonesboro.

Two homes in the same family have flooded multiple times, each time bringing a big financial hit.

“She doesn’t have the money anymore. It’s gone,” Donnie Dotter said about his sister’s home.

The family was able to move their mother out years ago but not before losing precious memories.

“And you lose all the pictures, family pictures, furniture because of mold,” he said.

Flooding issues caused by the beavers have made his sister repair her home three times.

The Street Department cleaned out the ditch Monday morning, but Dotter said this fix would not last long because they push the beaver dams' debris to the side.

“Just get rid of the brush and stay on top of taking care of the ditch and keeping it clean where the water can flow,” he said.

He hopes the animals will be relocated soon.

“Let’s see about doing it somewhere else instead of where you’re causing issues and problems to where it’s causing thousands of dollars to repair your home,” he said.

The City of Jonesboro knows about the flooding in the area.

If you see rising water or areas where water isn’t flowing, you’re advised to call the Street Department at 870-932-0660.

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