Parkin Archeological State Park sees increase in visitors during pandemic

Parkin Archeological State Park sees increase in visitors during pandemic

PARKIN, Ark. (KAIT) - The pandemic has made business slow down for several, but more people are headed outdoors to have fun while staying safe.

Parkin Archeological State Park has seen an increase in visitors and revenue.

The park says that even though they haven’t had school visitors since February, business has been up, even with the pandemic.

The park gets most of its visitors from school field trips. However, due to COVID-19, they haven’t been able to facilitate schools.

All of their learning programs have been moved online.

The inside learning area and gift shop are still open but at a limited capacity.

Even with all these changes, visitors are still coming to enjoy the outdoors, and their revenue in gift shop sales and park rentals have gone up.

Rachel Lewis, the park interpreter, says the pandemic has made people slow down and appreciate the beauty around them.

“People are definitely trying to find a different avenue of a way to stay safe and stay sane,” Lewis said. “People definitely love to go shopping, but I’ve heard a lot from people visiting that say they’re just too scared to go to stores, so they’d rather be out here where they know there’s not a lot of people in a close confined area.”

To find out more information about Parkin Archeological State Park and the virtual programs offered, click here or visit their Facebook page to watch educational videos.

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