Pair of major projects nearing completion at Sloan-Hendrix

Pair of major projects nearing completion at Sloan-Hendrix

IMBODEN, Ark. (KAIT) - Construction is nearing completion on two buildings: the new Sloan-Hendrix High School and a new school cafeteria.

The project, costing nearly $8 million, started last October.

The school board saw a need for updated facilities as the current high school and cafeteria are both over 60 years old.

“[With] the need that we had for modern facilities and additional space,” Superintendent Clifford Rorex said. “We just feel very fortunate that we’re in a position right now to be able to address both of those at the same time.”

A $4 million partnership fund with the state’s Commission for Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation, in addition to a restructuring of bonds and the district’s building fund, will pay for the project.

“It’s exciting for our students and staff that are on campus right now,” Supt. Rorex said. “Both of these buildings are going to serve our communities for many years.”

The new high school is being built right behind the current location. After the project is finished, the current high school will be demolished.

The new two-story building is expected to house over 300 students currently enrolled at the high school. The new cafeteria will host all schools in the district and can hold over 450 people.

Both buildings are expected to be finished by early 2021.

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