Jonesboro man recovers from COVID-19, asks community to follow guidelines

Jonesboro man recovers from COVID-19, asks community to follow guidelines

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man is asking the community to follow COVID-19 guidelines as he continues to recover from the virus.

Kevan Inboden first had symptoms nearly three weeks ago.

“On Halloween evening, we were outside and I had a little bit of a chill, didn’t really think much about it. Then the next day I started having symptoms,” said Inboden.

Fever, fatigue, congestion, and flu-like symptoms all hit him within days of that first night.

“About a week and a half in, I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like I was not getting good breaths,” said Inboden.

Inboden’s pulse was sitting at 100 just laying in bed that night.

The next day, he went to the doctor and was told he had double pneumonia due to COVID-19.

He was in the COVID-19 area of the hospital for two days before being discharged to finish his medication at home.

“It was kind of like being in a sci-fi movie,” said Inboden. “We were quarantined off from the rest of the hospital and the workers were coming in in these almost hazmat suits. I was just sorry that I was exposing some of those folks to it that had not had the virus.”

Inboden said he is feeling better but is still not 100%.

“My breaths are not quite as strong as they were prior to my getting sick, I still have a little bit of a cough, and my strength just hasn’t returned yet,” said Inboden.

Inboden wasn’t surprised by his diagnosis but said he was disappointed because he had been careful and followed all guidelines.

“Looking back, I’ve tried to figure out you know where I may have messed up. But I just don’t know. I don’t know where I got it, I don’t know at what point I made a mistake or if I did make a mistake,” said Inboden.

Recently, he shared his story on Facebook, hoping to warn others about how serious the virus can be.

“We can’t just assume that it’s going to be a mild or moderate case and people are going to recover. We have to treat it in my opinion that it has the potential to get ahold of someone and really make them sick and in some cases take their lives,” said Inboden.

In his post, Inboden asks others to follow the guidelines and continue to be vigilant.

“COVID is real,” said Inboden. “You know none of the things we’re being asked to do as far as maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, washing our hands are that onerous or burdensome.”

Inboden said he hopes sharing his story shows others that anyone can have serious symptoms from the virus, and he asks the community to come together to handle the pandemic the way it has for any other hardship.

“I’ve lived in this community my whole life and I’ve seen this community, the care and love we have for our neighbors and I just think this is an opportunity to show care for each other again,” Inboden noted.

Inboden also said he’s thankful to the healthcare workers who are working to fight the virus, while making sure patients are comfortable and taken care of.

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