Black Friday Shoppers see shorter lines and shelves full

Black Friday Shoppers see shorter lines and shelves full

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Many people who headed to the stores today for Black Friday deals saw shorter lines this year and said it was due to COVID-19.

Target in The Mall at Turtle Creek saw hundreds of shoppers eager to grab deals. As they exited the building, many stopped to comment about their shopping experience.

“It was kind of fun and it was kind of weird.” How was it weird? “Because we have to wear a mask,” Landon Swindle said.

He wasn’t the only shopper who mentioned shoppers wearing a mask.

“It was comfortable, relaxing, wasn’t congested or anything. People spread out. Everybody I looked at pretty much had on a mask so that made me feel comfortable,” Helen Newman said.

“It was great,” Gracie Chappell said. “I mean everywhere is getting you in and out pretty quick, wearing the mask, and just getting it done.”

Amanda Duran praised Target for taking the time to help her find a special item.

“I actually had really good help with one of the employees in there,” she said. “She even carried my big scooter to the front for me. She went into the back, helped look for it, and found it.”

Several shoppers not only stopped at Target but many places and got up early for the deals.

“We didn’t get up until about 7:30 and we were in line with about 50 people at Thread’s to open the store at 8,” Janna and Kendall Maxwell said.

Whitney Anderson mentioned how she swiped her card a lot but was eager to get her family’s gifts purchased.

“It’s been pretty good today. I’ve spent a lot of money but I’m getting deals and I’m getting everybody’s gifts for Christmas,” she said.

Out of the dozens who exited Target, only a few mentioned they couldn’t find what they needed. Many said they left with everything on their list.

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