Kennett firefighter goes viral on TikTok

Firefighter praises heroes on TikTok

KENNETT, Mo. (KAIT) - Scott Jones, a Kennett firefighter, received tons of positive feedback from a TikTok he created.

In the video, Jones is showing appreciation to first responders.

He says he intended to address mental health issues involving first responders.

“There are more first responder suicides than there are line of duty deaths now,” Jones said.

The first responder was unaware that his video would draw so much attention from around the world.

" I called my younger brother and I said ‘dude, have you seen this video? It already has 10 thousand hits’ – and that was within the first couple of hours,” he said.

Jones says that he simply wanted to let his fellow first responders know that they are not fighting the fight alone.

“We stand together,” said Jones. “We got each other’s backs. I got your six. That was the whole motive toward it.”

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