City appoints new members to Zoning Committee; fixing issues

City appoints new members to Zoning Committee; fixing issues

BONO, Ark. (KAIT) - The City of Bono noticed alarming numbers regarding zoning.

Now with the findings, they have made changes.

Now to fix the issue, they have appointed new members to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Mayor Dan Shaw said they’re in the learning phase.

“With our Planning and Zoning Commission, we’re just trying to really learn what to do, learn everything we can about planning and zoning that we can,” he said.

In years past, the commission worked with what they had available.

“We appreciate them serving and doing their time to help the city,” he said. “We’ve got some people now that are really interested in learning this really, really well and doing a good job with it.”

Now with the new members, they plan to stop saying yes to any zoning changes presented to them.

“We’ve got to channel this growth in a really good direction, or we’ll really have problems 20 or 30 years into the future,” he said.

Each new member will have a term length that way, several members will not all exit at once, leaving the commission with no knowledge.

“They’ve each one got a length of term that they will serve and the longest one is up to six years. We’ve got these staggered so we’ll have one that serves a year, two years, and on up,” he said.

The city continues to work on a new city map that will outline the zoning of every lot and note the ones which are vacant.

Mayor Shaw said with these areas zoned and everyone on the same page, they plan to be firm with the existing zoning.

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