Fmr. Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday pleads not guilty in wire fraud case

Fmr. Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday pleads not guilty in wire fraud case

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Former Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday pleads not guilty in federal court after being indicted for wire fraud.

Holliday is expected back in court in Jan. 2021.

The attorney representing Kade Holliday made a statement regarding Wednesday’s plea.

“Today’s hearing was one of many procedural steps in the federal prosecution. The Judge today set a trial date in January, but that date will certainly be postponed. The state case, the federal case and the bankruptcy case are thus far proceeding as expected.”
Dustin McDaniel, McDaniel Richardson & Calhoun, PLLC

Holliday is accused of taking more than $1.4 million in county money for his personal use has been indicted.

According to a news release by the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, said the indictment Tuesday, Dec. 1 alleges that Jacob Kade Holliday, 32, of Jonesboro, served as the official bookkeeper of county government while he served as the county clerk.

Holliday had to keep an accurate account of all financial transactions within the county, which included payroll tax obligations and employee retirement contributions.

The indictment states from Jan. 29 to June 24, Holliday transferred money from the county clerk’s banking account to his own personal and business accounts.

“He then allegedly obtained cashier’s checks in approximately the same amounts and further converted them to his own use,” the news release stated.

U.S. Attorney Cody Hiland said they take all allegations of undermining public trust very seriously.

“In this case and in all potential cases, any reports of public corruption will be thoroughly investigated by our office with the help of our law enforcement partners,” Hiland said.

Holliday is charged with 11 counts of wire fraud for the transactions he made during that time period.

Both Craighead County Judge Marvin Day and Holliday’s attorney Dustin McDaniel say they’re not surprised by this development.

The attorney representing Kade Holiday released a statement regarding the indictment.

“We have not yet seen the indictment, but it was anticipated. We have been cooperating with the United States attorneys office and will continue to do so. However, until we can review the specifics of the indictment, we cannot comment further.”
Dustin McDaniel, McDaniel Richardson & Calhoun, PLLC

While both parties say this was expected, Judge Day says it came earlier than he thought it would.

“We obviously were shocked [by] the timing,” Judge Day said. “We had been told sometimes federal indictments take up a good bit of time.”

Judge Day added his office has used this time period to step back and reevaluate their system.

“Obviously, when you have something like this happen, you really try to - or at least in my mind what we did - is we really had to back up,” Judge Day said. “[We asked ourselves] ‘ok, how did this happen and what can we do to fix it in the future?’”

They’ve even changed the way transactions are done. They now have multiple people sign off on a purchase, limited online bank transactions, and put other safeguards in place.

“You really can’t always stop a thief,” Judge Day said. “We tried to put it in place where it’s going to be really hard for them to do it and they’ll get caught a lot quicker than what had happened with Kade.”

Holliday is expected back in court in Jan. 2021.

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