Marked Tree woman’s garage camera catches someone setting her car on fire

Marked Tree woman's garage camera catches someone setting her car on fire

MARKED TREE, Ark. (KAIT) - A Marked Tree Woman says she hasn’t taken her eyes off of her security cameras after it caught someone setting her vehicle on fire on Nov. 14.

Tonya Carpenter says she grew up in Marked Tree and she could not imagine anyone doing this.

“Sound like a gunshot. I mean like it was really loud. I didn’t know what it was. I would have never dreamed that I would come outside and my car would be on fire,” Carpenter said.

Now, she has several no trespassing signs placed around her home and she’s hoping officials can figure out who committed the crime around 11 p.m. on that Saturday night.

With no clear answer as to who did it, Carpenter says she is now living day-to-day in fear.

“I sleep mostly during the day and stay up all night watching my security cameras,” Carpenter said. “Sometimes I sleep on the bench in front of the window just to watch it and my house. I’m terrified that someone is going to come back and do something else.”

The fire left $2,000 in damages and also caused her to lose her sense of security. Carpenter says it all took place right next to the wall of her son’s bedroom. Although her children were not home, she’s concern something else could happen to put them all in danger.

She’s just hoping her community will speak up.

“This is a small community, it’s a small town. People know things. I just ask to speak up. Speak up for my family. So we do not have to live in fear,” Carpenter said.

But, she also has a message for the culprit. She says her father passed away a week before and she feels that she was attacked at her weakest point.

“If you were mad at me you could have got me in any other way. Any other way. You didn’t have to come to my home and frighten my children. Because you didn’t just hurt me, you hurt my family, you hurt children,” Carpenter said.

Poinsett County Sheriff Kevin Molder says his department is investigating the incident as arson.

He released a redacted police report to Region 8 News and said they are in the middle of the investigation and that’s all they can release for now.

If you have any information, you are advised to call the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office at 870-578-2116.

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