CWL customers can text or call to notify outages

Updated: Dec. 7, 2020 at 6:33 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro City Water and Light now has the capabilities to text in power outages which can help restore power more quickly.

When the power fails, CWL will activate their Outage Management System which will accept texts or calls. If calling, customers will receive an interactive voice response.

When this isn’t activated, customers can still call and speak to a person.

The new system will allow the company to pinpoint outages faster and more efficiently. In years past, they printed out tickets to be sorted and worked from.

Now, it’s all digital and everyone is on the same page at the click of a mouse.

“It’ll help us get the information quicker, it’ll help the customer get their information quicker and then they’ll be more informed,” Engineer Chance Smith said. “They’ll be able to see our outage map. If we’re aware of an outage already, the text message or the IVR will already tell them we’re aware. I think it’ll improve our communication with our customers and then more timely and efficiently working outages.”

This project took quite some time and money. It began in 2016 and cost $200,000.

CWL wants customers to make sure their accounts have the correct phone number if they wish to use the texting option.

To make sure your phone number is correct, call 935-5581 or 930-3300.

Next week, CWL will text customers directly from this system to opt-in or out for the texting capabilities. The text will come from 1-800-933-3672.

Once completed, CWL customers can text “Out” to 1-800-933-3672 to report their outage.

Their account linked with the phone number will detail where their home address is to report where the outage exists.

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