Starting the new year with “Dry January”

Dry January

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - After the stressful year 2020 has been for most... many are starting the new year off healthier by doing a “Dry January”, and giving up alcohol for the month.

Most were not able to go on that trip or vacation and may have splurged on an expensive bottle of wine or glass of bourbon.

But some may visit the bar for the last time before going into the new year.

“Anything you can do to be healthier would be a good way to kick off the year” said Ryan Essex.

Ryan Essex is the Chief Operating Officer for Gibson Recovery Center in Cape Girardeau

He explained a casual drinker may have indulged in alcohol this year more than usual.

“Because of the stress or the loneliness, or whatever their feelings were during the pandemic” said Essex.

And said a dry January will lead to health benefits.

“They may see an increase sense of happiness and or increased energy” said Essex.

“We’ve experienced quite a bit of increase... When they normally come in and grab like a $20 bottle they come in and by a 30- or 40-dollar bottle” said Travis Tyson.

Travis Tyson manages Primo Vito and Cask in Cape Girardeau.

Tyson told me people have even traveled far for their favorite drinks.

“They are an increase people from southern Illinois coming over since they were totally shut down.” said Tyson.

Tyson said customers taking a dry month may take a slight hit on sales but nothing major.

“Not sure what to expect... with an increase of case I assume more people will be staying at home” said Tyson.

If you are considering participating in dry January, Essex said take inventory of why.

“Is it simply because you want to be healthier or is it because you may have a problem drinking” said Essex.

Essex encourages anyone who believes they may have a problem to seek out help and assistance.

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