Jonesboro Animal Control: Dogs need to be adopted soon

COVID-19 restrictions have caused Jonesboro Animal Control Shelter to be full.

Jonesboro Animal Control: Dogs need to be adopted soon

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -The Jonesboro Animal Control has more than 100 dogs needing to be adopted soon.

Normally, people would show up at the shelter and view the dogs first; but, due to COVID-19, visitors are currently not permitted in the building.

Sergeant Larry Rogers believes the restrictions have discouraged people from adopting.

“We would usually have anywhere from 10-20 guests come to the shelter daily and look at animals, and now they can’t come into the shelter,” said Rogers.

JAC has encouraged adoptions through social media, providing photos of available dogs, and setting up appointments for meet-and-greets.

Unfortunately, they have not had much luck with dogs who have been in the shelter since mid-March.

Rogers said that if they don’t get the dogs adopted within the next three months, he and his team will have to face some hard decisions.

“That’s one of those bad things,” said Sergeant Rogers. “We only have so much room. Every shelter only has so much room, and we can only keep so many animals.”

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