NEA Clinic educates Osceola first responders on COVID-19 vaccine

NEA Clinic educate Osceola first responders on COVID-19 vaccine

OSCEOLA, Ark. (KAIT) - NEA Clinic in Osceola met with first responders Thursday to educate them on the COVID-19 vaccine.

First responders were feeling apprehensive about the vaccine based on what they have heard from other sources.

Healthcare workers informed first responders about the symptoms, such as a sore arm and fatigue.

After the meeting, some questions were left unanswered.

Captain Jerry Hamilton with the CID Division for Osceola Police said he has had COVID-19, but he isn’t worried about getting the vaccine.

His only concern was not knowing how often people will have to get the vaccine to achieve immunity overtime.

“If natural immunity [from the virus] may not last but three months, how long will the vaccine last us? Is that something that we’re going have to get every three months, and if so, there is 330+ million people in the United States to achieve the 70%, how much of this vaccine is going to be needed, and how many people are going to be vaccinated daily?,” Hamilton said.

Captain Hamilton also expressed concern over not being guaranteed a second dose, given that the first dose is null and void after three to four weeks.

NEA Clinic in Osceola is still waiting on their first shipment.

They do not have the proper storage for it yet.

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