Teacher explains why inauguration wasn’t shown in every classroom

Teacher explains why the inauguration wasn’t broadcasted in class

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - As much of the nation watched the presidential and vice-presidential inauguration, many students watched the historical event either virtually, or in the classroom. But, unlike in years past, COVID and controversy prevented some schools from showing it.

Normally, Greene County Tech High School gathers all their students in the Grand Hall to watch Inauguration Day events.

This year, they could not because of COVID-19. Teachers got to decide for themselves if they wanted to allow students to watch the event in their classrooms.

“Students throughout the day commented about the inauguration,” history teacher Leigh Sullivan said.

While they discussed the events, her students did not watch the inauguration.

“I don’t know of any teacher who let all students watch it,” she said. “I think there was one teacher who watched part of the speech.”

In her classroom, they discussed the historical importance of the event, as well as security in Washington D.C. and the presence of the National Guard.

Sullivan did not want to lose teaching time or to bring up controversy.

“You want the students to know the historical significance, but you don’t want to get arguments stirred up,” she said.

She encouraged her students to watch the inauguration coverage on television Wednesday evening.

“Tomorrow, we can compare notes about what we saw on TV and the reporting of it,” she said.

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