COVID-19 takes toll on Kennett Humane Department

Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 6:32 PM CST
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KENNETT, Mo. (KAIT) - COVID-19 has put a strain on several industries and entities, and the Kennett Humane Department is no exception.

Humane Officer Tena Petix says the virus has had a big impact on the department.

For one, fundraising has taken a hit. While the department is part of the city of Kennett, donations from the community help with food and veterinary care for the animals.

“We have been able to float along, and we’ve been blessed with that,” Petix said.

When it comes to numbers, the department has been filled to the brim with animals.

Petix said there had been many people who have gotten sick and have had to surrender their pets. There have also been people who have died, and the family members could not take care of the pets.

That has led to the increase of dogs at the humane department.

When it comes to capacity, Petix said that it all depends on the size.

“A couple of weeks ago, we had, I want to say, 41, but some were in a litter, so, you know, they’re smaller, so they fit, we were able to fit them in. We were able to transport them all to the no-kill rescue, and then the next week, were literally were up like 20 something dogs again.”

She said as fast as they find homes or rescues for these dogs, they fill up just as fast.

The department also helps out by giving dog food to families who need it, but only when they have some to donate.

The department does not see many local adoptions, so most of the dogs are transported to rescues, but that requires vetting the dogs and taking care of them.

“And like I said, that all comes from donations, so to vet a dog to get to rescues, it runs about $50. It adds up when you’re shipping out like 40 at a time.”

You can donate directly to the Kennett Humane Department. You can also donate for the veterinary care for the animals by vising the Kennett Veterinary Clinic website.

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