Natalie Eaton Jarrett continues to beat the odds

Beats the odds twice by walking after paralyzed and opens business during pandemic

Walking Miracle Opens Boutique in Pandemic

HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - A small business owner in Harrisburg is no stranger to tough times. At just 25 years old, Natalie Eaton Jarrett has beaten the odds multiple times, becoming a walking miracle and opening a business during a pandemic.

You may remember in 2014 when Natalie was just a freshman at A-State.

A student hit a football with a golf club, breaking the club in half. It impaled Natalie in the neck, leaving her paralyzed.

“From the very beginning, there were many times I heard the word no,” Natalie said. “Okay, they’re saying I’m not going to walk again, but you can choose to believe that, and that can be the case, or you can work hard and see where that gets you.”

She prevailed, beating the odds and eventually walking again after months of therapy.

“You take those ‘no’s’ and the negative, and you let it motivate you to do better or do more, overcome.”

She finished up college with a degree in social work two years ago, got married in 2016, became a stepmom, and then had two twins of her own.

“Of course God said you have a lot on your plate, let’s just add a little bit more so instead of one kid, we got two, and they’re two boys, and they’re wild,” said Natalie.

In January, she did the impossible again. She opened up a small business during the pandemic. It’s the L’s Corner Boutique in Harrisburg.

Natalie hopes her journey gives others the motivation to do the hard things in life.

“Seven years later, you still hear the word no all the time, and it’s like, okay, I didn’t have the time to open a store. I just thought about it as there’s never really the right time to do something,” said Natalie. “So I’ll keep putting it off, and I was like, let’s just go for it, let’s jump, see how it goes.”

L’s Corner Boutique is located at 103 N. East Street in Harrisburg.

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