Nursing home has virtual games to help keep residents connected

Nursing home has virtual games to help keep residents connected

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - It’s no secret that COVID-19 has made it harder to interact with people in nursing homes.

The Springs of Jonesboro is thinking outside of the box to ensure their residents stay connected with their families by using a virtual program.

They use the program called Restore Skills. The nursing home sets up the game through a laptop, and the camera monitors the player’s movements.

From there, they can collect data showing the player’s progress in their physical and cognitive abilities.

The games played help everything from memory, muscle movement, and even money management. Based on the player’s needs, nurses can adjust the difficulty of the game.

“Whenever they can’t have their family members come and visit, they get kinda down, and so having this virtual option is really awesome because they get to see their family members first off, and they get to participate and have a fun little game,” said physical therapist assistant Jordan Ramm.

Ramm said they play against people within the nursing home and their family at home. She says it keeps them motivated.

“The patients love it. They get to see their name go up on the leaderboard and say alright ‘I won this game today, you gonna beat me?’ and also just having the family members being able to see them and the patients being able to have that face to face contact,” said Ramm.

She said it makes patient’s lives better.

“The biggest thing that I have seen is it makes their eyes light up whenever they get to do it. It makes their day a little bit happier. It’s boosting morale here at The Springs,” said Ramm.

CEO Eran Arden said the program launched three years ago, and it took off after the pandemic. Right now, about 400 facilities across the world have the program.

He says it’s a great tool because all you need is a laptop.

“That’s what motivates us, right? The feedback we receive from patients and from therapists in the field saying that the patient was not using his right-hand post-stroke and couldn’t use it dependently, but they like playing an airplane,” said Arden. “We have an airplane game, and that’s what started motivating them to use their muscles.”

For more information about Restore Skills, click here.

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