Jonesboro’s road plans and how neighborhoods will be affected

Jonesboro’s road plans and how neighborhoods will be affected

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro city crews have battled to keep the road clean each day and with more winter weather coming, crews are adding to their plans.

The side streets are one of the major problems right now, according to Chief Operating Officer Tony Thomas.

“Our largest thing, though, is we have a second event coming and we have utilized what we have so trying to acquire additional materials is the challenge right now,” he said.

The 39 staff members and seven trucks are all working throughout the entire day to keep road conditions safe.

Region 8 News received a list of the city’s plans for the upcoming round of snow. There are a total of five routes.

  • Route 1: Washington, Matthews, Strawfloor, Nettleton, Wood, Culberhouse, Ridgepointe (entire subdivision), Friendly Hope, Flemon, Southwest Drive, Kellers Chapel, Neely Lane, Neely Road
  • Route 2: Culberhouse, Lawson, Crowley’s Ridge, Mt. Carmel, Craighead Forest Road, Caraway Road, Frog Pond, Willow, Industrial
  • Route 3: Main, Bridge, Bridge Street Bridge, Washington, Nettleton, Matthews, Church, Rains, Harrisburg, Stroud, Windover/Race
  • Route 4: Matthews, Nettleton, Krueger, CW Post, Quality Way, Great Dane, Barnhill, Nestle Road, Easley, Pacific, Kathleen, Prospect, Aggie, Paragould Drive
  • Route 5: Willett, Duncan, Arrowhead Farm, Duncan, Blankenship, Floyd, Culberhouse, Philadelphia, Thomas Green, Dacus, Patrick, Magnolia, Greensboro, Caraway, Sage Meadows, Pleasant View, Pleasant Grove, Peachtree, Bridger Road

* These snow routes on each road have a to and from destination

This list only mentions two specific subdivisions out of many in the Jonesboro city limits: Ridgepointe and Sage Meadows.

Thomas says it all revolves around sanitation routes and terrain issues.

“It’s about where we are and our sanitation trucks and our city services are at that moment in order to provide adequate safety for staff and those who are providing direct services to clients in this area,” he said. “It’s not about a particular neighborhood. It’s not about income in a neighborhood because we want to adequately serve everybody in our community equally.”

He said the city is doing its best with the resources and manpower available.

He encourages drivers to not go out unless they have to, slow down their speed, and although streets look clear, they can have ice on them.

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