Protecting pipes from winter weather now the focus

Protecting pipes from winter weather now the focus

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With temperatures staying below freezing all next week, now is the time to make sure your home is protected from the cold.

Small steps like covering your crawl space vents can help keep your pipes from freezing and save you up to thousands of dollars in damage.

Some other tips include making sure hydrants outside are covered properly, opening cabinet doors near sinks, and making sure every faucet is set to drip, especially those on attic walls.

Plumbers are preparing for a busy week ahead.

Chase West with Chris West Plumbing, Inc. said they already have more people on call this weekend, and expect calls to start as early as Friday night.

“We haven’t had a freeze like this in years. We’re doing everything we can to make sure everything is on our trucks that we need to try to tackle this stuff,” said West. “But the volume of calls that will be coming due to no water, frozen pipes, and busted pipes- we’re just going to be swamped so just be patient with us.”

West said if they do receive a lot of calls about burst or frozen pipes, they might have to shut your water off for some time before they can get you.

If your pipes do freeze or burst, the first step is knowing where your water meter is.

You also need a way to shut it off like a T-bar or water meter key.

Next, call a plumber and begin the drying out process.

Then, start the claims process with your insurance agent.

State Farm Representative Chris Pilcic said preparation is key in this situation and knowing your policy is important.

“Everybody’s policy might be a little bit different, but generally speaking it’s going to be covered under your home owner’s insurance policy,” said Pilcic. “And you want to ask questions about your deductible so you know when you do sustain damage, depending on the extent of the damage, what would be covered.”

Pilcic said last year, the average homeowner here in Arkansas had over $8,000 in damage due to frozen or burst pipes.

So taking time to follow these prevention tips could save you a lot of money in the long run.

For more tips on preventing your pipes from freezing, visit the Chris West Plumbing Inc. Facebook page here.

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