ArDOT preparing roads as snowstorm approaches

ARDOT and community prepares for snow

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - As Region 8 anticipates snowfall, ArDOT has been hard at work prepping roads.

Brad Smithee, the District 10 Engineer for ArDOT, says crews worked until dark Saturday, trying to clear ice from the last storm.

Smithee says that if you look at the roads, some appear white. That is residual chloride from the salt applied, making the roads pretreated for the next storm.

They will be placing rock salt just ahead of snowfall as added pretreatment wherever it is needed.

On Sunday, they focused on getting equipment repairs done to be ready for plowing.

The biggest challenge is salt freezes. When it freezes, it won’t come out of the truck. They are already running into this problem.

As ArDOT crews are working on the roads, Carolyn Williams is prepping for the weather ahead by stocking her pantry.

“I’m preparing to fill my cupboard. You can never have too much. Just trying to get a little something because I’m going to have to cook during the next couple of weeks, and that’s really something I’m not used to doing,” said Williams.

She says she won’t be behind the wheel until road conditions are safe.

“I’m really truly planning on staying off the roads. Yes, ma’am, I am. I’m not an expert in driving. But I have no intentions in driving the next week, or so I guess,” said Williams.

Just like Carolyn said, you should stay off the roads too. If you must be out, take it slow and easy and don’t follow other cars too closely.

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