High school students shoveled snow for cash

Will shovel snow for money

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Many students in the Heartland had a snow day on Tuesday and a couple of teens in Cape Girardeau made the most of it by shoveling snow.

“We’re just shoveling the snow, trying to help people get out,” Drew Russell said.

Drew Russell and Sean Crabtree are cousins who see the importance of hard work.

“Try to figure out responsibilities and everything else you know. Do hard work, labor, get some money,” Sean Crabtree said.

They spread the word about their shoveling service through Facebook.

“Some people can’t really get to work, they can’t get out to go get groceries and stuff so it’s just nice especially if they can’t go out or go to work they might possibly get fired so I’m helping out a little bit,” Crabtree said.

The snow isn’t the only thing piling up; so are the requests to clear driveways.

“I’m sure we’ll have more, we’ll probably have a couple more,” they said.

Crabtree said an early morning wake up call from his dad is all it took to get out here.

“It was like wake up, my Dad was like hey lets go,” Crabtree said.

But it’s also an opportunity for quality time.

“Just hanging out with family and stuff like that too while in the process,” he said.

They already have plans to shovel snow again at one residence because more snow is coming.

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