Good Samaritan helps neighbors clear snow from driveways

Good Samaritan helps out

ESSEX, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland man is helping out his neighbors during this extreme winter weather.

This morning the people of Essex woke up to the sound of a plow and the sight of their neighbor, Terry Blair clearing their driveways.

“I just got out and started blading them off just in case someone needed to get out,” said Blair.

Blair said he had one reason for doing it.

“Just being a good neighbor. That’s what I expect neighbors to do,” said Blair.

He explained some neighbors do not have the supplies to do it themselves.

“I got the equipment so it makes it easier, and that one reason I go ahead and do it,” said Blair.

Sheria Macklin lives just a couple minutes away from Blair.

Her son Ja’mier Burton noticed Blair cleaning their driveway and wanted to take a picture of the good deed.

“I actually just wanted to break down because it’s hard to find genuine caring people, especially now in days,” said Macklin.

Macklin said if it were not for his help, they would still be stuck in the house.

“To see someone, get up out of the kindness of their heart bright early in the morning, cold, and he came out and did it,” said Macklin.

Blair even said he wouldn’t mind traveling further to help others.

“I try to help my neighbors as much as I can if they need something, I’ll be there for them,” said Blair.

Others said his work does not go unnoticed.

“I say thank you and keep doing what you’re doing,” said Burton.

Blair told Channel 12, he plans to do the same with the expected snowfall in the coming days.

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