Snow much fun: Sledders at Walnut Street Baptist Church

Hitting the Hill With the Sleds

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Despite extremely low temperatures, people were sledding down the hills at Walnut Street Baptist Church.

People brought real sleds and make-shift sleds to glide down the hills, all while spending time with friends and loved ones.

“It’s been nice to do a little sledding and have a little fun with my grandson,” said Marshall Poole, who likes to come to the church whenever it snows.

Poole was surprised the air was warmer than what he expected.

“It’s not bad, it’s not near as cold as I thought it’d be. I guess maybe with the sun out,” he said.

Sledders of all ages were gliding down the hills on Tuesday.

Harrison Hoge, a first-time sledder, has a newfound love for it.

“I like it because you go really fast,” said Hoge.

La’Draya Pope, another first-time sledder, says she too enjoyed sledding despite getting wiped out.

“I went down the hill and the snow got all in my face and it had got in my hair,” Pope said, “It was too cold!”

Most people at the church on Tuesday agreed that sledding was a great way to leave the house and make memories for free.

“You don’t get many things free anymore,” said Poole.

If you do plan on sledding at Walnut Street Baptist Church, it is recommended that you make sure your car can get up the hill to park safely.

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