Winter weather creating hazardous conditions in Blytheville

Weather causing issues with roads and water mains in town

Winter weather creating hazardous conditions in Blytheville

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - Since last week, Blytheville has been getting hit hard with wintry weather.

According to Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson, Blytheville Public Works has been working day and night to clear the main streets that run through town.

“They were out last night in the middle of the storm,” Chief Thompson said. “I saw them again this morning.”

No matter the overtime put into plowing snow off the roads, the chief says that the roads have iced over from freezing temperatures, causing people to “lose control” of their cars.

Despite multiple backups from crashes on I-55, traffic has been moving slow but steady as there is only one lane plowed on each side of the interstate.

Chief Thompson added that the city plans to take preventative measures for when the snow melts, so it does not cause any backup in town.

Until the snow begins to melt, he asks for people to stay home and “put off whatever you need to do today” for another time.

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