NEA Jeep Club helps others stuck in snow

NEA Jeep club helping stranded drivers across Region 8

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The NEA Jeep Club has been busy during the winter weather, helping others out of the snow.

There have been hundreds of calls to law enforcement this week about people stuck or off in a ditch, due to the snow.

NEA Jeep Club is helping to assist those stranded drivers all over Region 8.

The group has helped more than 50 people in the last few days, pulling them out of the snow or taking them to the grocery store.

The club also offered first responders and healthcare workers a ride to work.

“Every year, when it snows, we decide that we’re going to get out and if we find people in ditches, we pull them out,” said NEA Jeep Club President Michael Hamilton. “When it gets like this and there’s just no way to get to the grocery store or if they get stuck and stranded in this weather, it would be pretty bad.”

The club has gone out to help stranded motorists the last four winters.

“We felt like it’s a good service to them to be able to help them get out of the ditch or help them get where they’re going if they need to get to the grocery store themselves, or if we take them to the grocery store,” said Hamilton. “So, it helps them get out of these bad situations in the bad weather.”

If you get stuck in the snow and need help over the next few days, you can reach the Jeep club at (870) 680-3618 or (870) 351-5728.

If you have a Jeep and are interested in joining NEA Jeep Club, you can request to join the Facebook group here.

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