Hyde Pharmacy resumes COVID-19 vaccinations after winter weather

Pharmacy Catching Up on Vaccine Clinics

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - A Greene County pharmacy resumed their COVID-19 vaccination clinics Friday with hopes of being caught up by next week.

The winter storm slowed down the business at Hyde Pharmacy, Inc., causing them to postpone their vaccination appointments.

The owners plan on rescheduling appointments and will be working to prioritize people who need to get their second vaccine then proceeding will be the ones scheduled to get their first dose.

Kenny Kuenzel, one of Hyde’s owners, says those who received their first vaccine have a three-week window before can get their second shot.

Steve Smoke, another owner of Hyde, says he anticipates all of their staff will be present next week to push out doses to get caught up.

“Hopefully, we’ll be up to speed next week,” Smoke said. “We plan on doubling some of the days next week to catch up with the vaccinations. We separate the booster doses, second doses from the first doses, and we’re trying to get our boosters done on a couple days next week that we have available help for.”

If you had a COVID-19 vaccination scheduled for Feb. 15 through Feb. 18 at Hyde Pharmacy in Paragould, you are urged to call them to reschedule.

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