Randolph County, Pocahontas work to clear roads, serve community

Working to Clear Roads After Snow

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Many sheriffs and police departments have been out in the elements helping their communities.

Randolph County Sheriff Kevin Bell says the focus this week was not only to protect, but also to support communities.

“Crime doesn’t stop just because there’s snow on the ground,” Sheriff Bell said. “The biggest issue is always travel, getting around in some of these remote areas.”

Bell said getting around in the hilly areas of Randolph County was a struggle at times, but fortunately, the office did not run into any issues.

He says it’s not just protecting the public, it’s helping them in times of need.

“Our elderly need to get medicine in or if they have a power outage, try to get them a generator,” Bell said. “We’re working in that role as well to try to serve our community.”

Bell says they’re still around helping the community recover after the storm, and to call the Sheriff’s Office if you need any assistance.

The message to serve the community is similar in Pocahontas, where crews have been hard at work since Monday trying to get the streets as clear as possible.

“Since Monday, we’ve been going 24 hours,” Pocahontas Mayor Keith Sutton said.

A crew of 15 have been splitting shifts, working through the conditions. Sutton says all city officials, including the Pocahontas Police Department, have come together to help the community.

“They have actually shoveled some driveways to help people get out,” Sutton said. “I think everybody’s looking after everybody and we’ve done a good job.”

As for the next steps, Mayor Sutton says the crew returned to normal hours Friday as they are on the downhill slope of the storm.

“They’ll come in, repair what we have broken down and park it in the shed,” Sutton said. “[We’re] ready for the next go around if we have to.”

Sutton credited the community for providing food and drinks to the crew during the week, and he says whatever comes next, they’ll be prepared.

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