CWL’s preparedness kept lights on

CWL on minimal power and water outages.

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Many in Region 8 last week saw their lights out or were without water due to snow and arctic temperatures.

City Water and Light serve Jonesboro citizens’ utilities. They only had a few power outages during last week’s wintry weather—their key to power – preparedness.

CWL has spent years adding backup generators at water treatment plants to help keep the water pumping if the city does lose power.

A new substation to the Valley View area also helped.

The only hiccup CWL experienced, like many other companies, was due to a blackout suddenly by Mid-Continent Independent System Operator that oversees almost all the power companies in Arkansas.

CWL’s system was taxed after the rolling blackout, but it’s understandable with the colder temperatures.

Special Projects Administrator Kevan Inboden said they’re ready and prepared for the shock when people open their bills next month.

“Bottom line is, we’re going to work with our customers through this event. That’s the big message we’d like to communicate,” he said.

Inboden says they’ll be working with customers with what’s sure to be higher bills. They’re asking all customers to reach out to customer service if they foresee an issue.

CWL also offers levelized billing to help make even payments across the entire year.

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