Turn lanes to help with traffic near Brookland School District

Turn lanes to help with traffic near Brookland School District

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - Brookland School District sees long lines for student pickups which is why School Street will soon see traffic turn lanes for drivers to use.

At the intersection of School Street and Highway 49, turn lanes will be placed on the east and westbound lanes.

Now, drivers yield to others driving straight through the light. In the future, a traffic arrow will be installed.

Mayor Kenneth Jones said it’s needed in a big way.

“During peak times for school, it’s really bad out there,” he said. “This is going to be a big traffic mover; make it more efficient, make it safer.”

At last count, East School Street sees 5,000 cars a day. West School Street sees 3,800 vehicles a day.

The city will be paying for this project as soon as the money is in hand.

They’re using guaranteed funds from the county sales tax turnback based on the city’s population count from the 2020 Census.

They’re planning on receiving $645,000 total and use $300,000 for the turning lane project. They cannot begin work until that money is given to them.

“It all depends on the date we start receiving our census money. We’re going to move forward with the engineering and have everything ready to hopefully start construction as soon as that happens.”

In the meantime, they will do all planning, so when they get the green light to begin, they can.

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