Winter weather forces pharmacy to catch-up on vaccine appointments

Pharmacies playing catch up

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - While most of the snow from last week has melted, the problems it caused with vaccine cancellations are still around. The Daily Dose Pharmacy in Trumann is working hard to catch-up.

The pharmacy had to postpone some shots and a clinic at A-State because of the weather. Four hundred people were delayed from getting their first and even some their second dose of the vaccine.

Their drug shipments were also postponed. The shipment delays got so bad, pharmacy worker Solomon Ni took matters into his own hands.

“We did have a couple of patients that needed their drugs desperately, so we did our best to accommodate. I myself drove to Memphis to pick up our order, the orders we could,” Ni said.

Ni says they tried to prepare for the storm, but it took them by surprise how bad road conditions were. He says they tried to get patients in as much as possible but saw a huge decline in shots. They were able to give some shots during the weather and attempted to schedule around the storm beforehand.

Ni says they’re working to reschedule as many people as they have doses to help get caught up. On Tuesday, the pharmacy saw a steady stream of people coming in for the vaccine.

The pharmacy says they encourage anyone eligible to call and book an appointment as soon as possible. They want to vaccinate as many people as they can and do their part for the community.

Similar problems were seen at Wynne Medical Pharmacy, where they had to reschedule all of their vaccines from last week to this week. Their drug shipments are also behind.

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