Spring River Dispensary annexed into city of Hardy

Spring River Dispensary annexed into city of Hardy

HARDY, Ark. (KAIT) - One of the few medical marijuana dispensaries will now be a part of the City of Hardy in addition to Fulton County.

The Spring River Dispensary finished construction late last year on Fulton County territory, just outside of Hardy. Since then, the city has annexed the land.

Mayor Ernie Rose says the city doesn’t have the financial report quite yet to know how much green the dispensary has raked in for the city, but he believes it will be a win-win.

The dispensary will still be a part of Fulton County, even with the annexation, but what will change is the financial benefit from the sales tax revenue, which will go to both Hardy and Fulton County.

“It’s just an added business to the city and of course it will generate more money than we had,” Ernie Rose said. “I feel like it will also, where it’s located up there on the north end of town will help us grow up in that direction.”

In terms of safety, Hardy Assistant Police Chief Scott Rose says if the dispensary has any issues, they’ll be prepared, and they’ll have backup.

“Even though that’s just over the county line over into Fulton County, the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department would be the next closest agency who would have an officer,” Scott Rose said. “They’ve agreed to also if we do have any issues there to send a deputy with us.”

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is over 30 miles away from the dispensary in Salem, while the Hardy Police and Fire Departments are just two miles away.

“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department does a great job,” Scott Rose said. “At that distance, on the other side of their county, it just made a lot more sense.”

The dispensary has spent over $500,000 on security features, and during the first month of opening, Scott says his department hasn’t run into any issues just yet.

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