Fight against COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and misinformation online continues

Fight against COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and misinformation online continues

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - About 70 million Americans have now received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s more than 10% of the U.S. population.

The pace of COVID-19 vaccinations is going up quickly every day.

There have been 107 million doses given in the U.S. and 37 million Americans are now fully vaccinated, according to CNN.

But we’re not close to herd immunity yet.

Reaching herd immunity

In order to get closer to “back to normal,” health officials say 70-80% of Americans need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity and keep the virus from spreading.

But a new CNN poll shows more than 25 percent of Americans don’t plan to get the shot.

19 News found here in Ohio, for those 70 years old and up, who have been eligible for vaccines for a while now, about 65-68% have received their first dose.

You can check the latest Ohio vaccine information here.

Misinformation on social media

One of the big reasons for vaccine hesitancy is misinformation on social media.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter have tried to crack down, but it’s still out there.

New Facebook research shows a small number of people have been spreading false beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine on its platform, trying to discourage people from getting it, according to reporting by the Washington Post.

Fighting misinformation

The Biden Administration is spending $250 million to launch a COVID-19 vaccine campaign to combat this.

They’re advertising across TV, radio, billboards, print, and digital media.

In an effort to help vaccinate more Americans, Facebook just unveiled its “coronavirus information center.”

You’ll be able to check out when and where you can get vaccinated with a link to make an appointment.

The tools will be promoted to users based off profile information, showing vaccine eligibility, including age, occupation, and location.

It will also be on Instagram and possibly WhatsApp.

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